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Welcome to the virtual home of Asia Papillons.

I have been a member of Papillon Club of America since 1990 and have served on the Genetics and Rescue Committees.

My participation with these two committees has made me aware of many issues regarding the breeding of healthy dogs and the careful placement of Papillons.

My breeding program is limited and I am selective in choosing homes for my dogs. Please do your research before choosing Papillons, do not buy one on a whim.

I think Papillons are the best dogs in the world. However, they are not for everyone!

To educate yourself about the proper way to add a new family member (and this is what you are doing), I have provided links to many useful articles.

Asia Papillons is a small and select breeding program. I strive for beauty, health and temperament. None of these take precedence over the other. I love this happy little breed and hope they remain the sweet, friendly, smart, healthy and pretty little dogs I love, forever. This can only be achieved by careful, deliberate, and selective breeding.

Occasionally I may have a puppy available for a loving home, if you are interested, please fill out my short application so that I can get to know you. I will make every effort to get back to you as quickly as possible. I am located within 1 - 2 hours driving distance from most NJ locations, Phila. and NYC.



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