Cute Butter

Butter is a retired puppy mill brood bitch. She was going to be sold at auction at the age of 13 since her breeding days were over. Her owner had a pang of conscience and was convinced by a Papillon lover to turn her over for placement. Butter is now here to spend her retirement days living with my Papillons as her companions. She is happy and gets along well with my dogs. She is tentative with people. My theory is that she is not used to human companionship and prefers the companionship of other dogs. That's okay, I have no expectations from her. She is my clock, every day at 5 pm, she lets me know it's dinner time and she is relentless until fed. She has free run of the house and her own special bed. She is never crated, no more pens or crates for Butter!

More pictures of Butter

Butter and her new bed

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