handsome Bruso

Bruso was rescued from a shelter. This shelter was very relieved to have found a rescue that would be willing to take a senior dog. His reported age was 10. He looked and acted like he was 15. No reason was given for his surrender but my guess would be his cantankerous disposition and his penchant for attacking feet. After being neutered and having all but two teeth removed because of his raging gum infection, Bruso quickly perked up and showed even more of his crotchety attitude! LOL!!! In spite of all this, he had a certain charm and I fell in love. He lived two more years, biting anyone who annoyed him (mostly me) and sitting on my lap and begging for treats. Sadly, he passed away a year ago. I'll miss him always. Rest in peace, Bruso. I'll see you again some day, old man.

More pictures of Bruso

Bruso standing

Bruso talking

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