I use PhotoImpact to create almost all my graphics.  I learned about PI from my friend, Towal.  She pointed me in the direction of The Beginner’s Workshop and that was the beginning of an adventure in graphics that has no apparent ending for me.  The Beginner’s Workshop is free and by the time you have completed all three levels, you will be fully versed in PhotoImpact.   

Then there is Rosie Hardman and her wonderful courses, tutorials, and her PI downloads.  I can spend hours looking at her graphics.  I’ve taken two of her courses.  She’s exacting and a perfectionist but she’s patient and thorough.  When you take one of her courses, you will have learned something! 

There are also more tutorials and great downloads over at PhotoImpact Resource Center.  Some of my favorite tutorials are by Sundog, Kelly, and Deb. 

I learned to create websites at LVS Online.  The courses are affordable and the course instruction is excellent!  My last class was, Blogging for Fun, Fame and Fortune.  What a surprise!  Right?  I gotta say these classes are worth every penny.  They also offer a course on PI.  I’ve never taken it so can’t offer an opinion but if it’s like the courses I’ve already taken, then it will be good. 

I hope this page will give a novice an opportunity to try something different.  I never imagined that I would enjoy graphics and building websites and blogs as much I do now.  Actually, I never imagined 10 years ago that I could do what I do now.