Huggie is 16!

November 10th, 2009 by admin

Huggie is 16 years old. He’s the oldest dog in my house.  I think he looks good for his age.  He has degenerative disc disease so is now getting physical therapy.  He gave me a scare a week ago.  He went down one night and couldn’t get up.  Fortunately, I saw it and was able to help him.  I thought he had lost all use of his hind legs but he was back on his feet in the morning.  Now I have exercises to do with him.  Wouldn’t you know it but he is very co-operative at the vet office.  At home, he gets all stiff and resists my attempts to move his legs.  Tomorrow, he goes back to the vet and he gets to walk on a treadmill in water.  You all know how much a Papillon loves water, especially an old and yes, cantankerous one.  I’ll make it up to him with a  special treat after the therapy session.  Hopefully, The Bug, will be up and walking when he’s 17, 18, who knows?!

I’ve added a little pictorial of Hug throughout his life.  It brings back so many memories of my little best friend.

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