Stained Glass Hummingbirds

August 23rd, 2008 by Anna

I love to do stained glass graphics. It’s like coloring except you never go outside the lines! Here’s my stained glass hummingbird. It’s nowhere near as pretty as the ones God makes.

Stained Glass Hummingbirds Graphic

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4 Responses

  1. Sliloh

    Maybe not as beautiful as the real thing but gorgeous nonetheless! 😉


  2. Bean

    Yeah! More hummingbirds!

  3. Adele Aldridge

    Beautiful! Is this stained glass graphic something you do or did in glass or just in digital format? I’ve done both myself and agree – is fun.

  4. Anna

    Thank you, Adele. It’s just digital. I’ve never tried real stain glass. I love the real thing. But you have to admit, digital is a lot less messy and way less expensive. LOL!


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