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August 21st, 2008 by Anna

Chuck is our visiting hummingbird.  For the past several years I have hung a hummingbird feeder out in front of my kitchen window.  Every year, I usually get visitors.  I name my hummingbirds.  How do I know who is whom?  I just do and don’t ask questions! 

I hang my feeder out in May and usually Sylvia comes and visits regularly.  Sometimes Sylvia would chase away other hummingbirds.  If you look around on the ‘net, you will see photographs of several hummingbirds sharing a feeder.  Not mine!  I have selfish hummingbirds. 

This year I did everything late.  I didn’t do the garden until close to July and I didn’t hang the hummingbird feeder until then as well.  Sylvia must have gotten tired of waiting for me and moved on.  I had no regular visitors until just this week. 

One late afternoon, a hummingbird hovered for several seconds in front of my kitchen window.  It was wonderful.  Of course, my camera was in the other room.  This hummingbird must have seen something in the window reflection because it kept flying and hovering right in front of me.  I stood as still as I could while trying to keep Lucky Cat from scaring the bird away.  Of course, my #1 rule, which is, the cat must never ever be on my counters, was ignored as usual.  And the tiny bird left.

However Chuckie must have gotten word that my feeder had the best sugar water ever, because he showed up the next day and now he visits several times a day.  I guess he’s a male because he has the ruby throat.  He is iridescent so when he turns the right way and the light hits his throat, it’s the most gorgeous ruby red you can imagine. 

In one of the pictures in the slideshow, you can see a red blur that’s Chuck’s beautiful red throat.  That feeder is the best $20.00 I ever spent for daily entertainment.  Even my husband missed Sylvia this spring. 



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  1. Bean

    So sweet! I love hummingbirds. Mine are also quite territorial. I have three every year and they have different parts of the yard staked out as theirs. My favorite is the female that likes to feed off the fushias outside my living room window.

    Thank you for introducing us to Chuck. It is definitely a pleasure to meet him.

    Your blog is a pleasure to read. I think it would do great at the Bloggers’ Choice Awards. You can read more about promoting your blog with BCA at

  2. Otter

    I have had ONE hummingbird this summer, about 3 weeks ago hoovering over the Mimosa tree by the barn. With all the cats around here, it was a surprise to see it come so close. I realize they are fast but I have seen the cats catch bats at night. I will enjoy your pictures and imagine what it would be like to see them up close again. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sliloh

    Wonderful pictures and I love that you name them. My dining room is at the back of my house and why they put a window on the side so I can stare at my neighbors house a few feet away and not at the back where I could enjoy the view of my garden, I’ll never know.


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