Lucky’s Day

July 24th, 2008 by Anna

When Lucky first came into our home, I set some rules. Have you ever seen that poem that’s comes in e-mail about how the dog or cat takes over our homes? You know, the one where you set rules and as they get broken by the pet, another rule is made but it’s not as restrictive as the last one until the owner has lost everything (happily).

Well rule numero uno in my house is that the cat will not, I repeat NOT be on my kitchen counters. NEVER, EVER!

Lucky on the counter.

I kept my camera out to snap a few pictures of Lucky to record what he does throughout the day.  Around 10 o’clock, I noticed Lucky in one of his favorite poses.  I don’t know why he does this but he likes to lay around with his front legs stretched out in front of him.  He’ll nap in that position for hours. 

Lucky takes his mid-morning nap.

Later after the Papillons had their morning meal and I was doing some chores around the house, I had to step over Lucky.  He often naps wherever he happens to be and as I pass him, he’ll playfully roll over and bat at my feet.   I love his little spots! 

 Here’s Lucky after dinner.  He doesn’t enjoy being disturbed. 

Why are you bothering me?

As you can see, Lucky has a terribly exciting life and we give him no rest. 

Good night, Lucky!

 Sleep well, Lucky.  Tomorrow is another day and Mora is waiting!


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4 Responses

  1. Otter

    I want to be Lucky. OK.. Can I come back as Lucky? What a life. We both spoil our animals so much. I said the same things you did. The cats are not taking over the house and well..there are cats in the guest bedroom, kittens in the dining room, kittens in my bedroom. My house went to the animals a long time again and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know you recall the poem Me, My House and My Dogs. I tell people all the time, they are family, if you accept me, you must accept them too. Your pets are so lucky to be loved by you.

  2. Anna

    LOL!!! I want to come back as Lucky too! Maybe that’s the poem I was referring to?

    I think we are lucky that we get to share our lives with our pets. I can’t imagine life without them. It would be so sterile and boring.


  3. sliloh

    Yes, cats do seem to make their own rules that we live by. 😉 Great pictures.


  4. Susan

    We don’t own cats, they own us. I have 4 & Max weighs 30 pounds. He’s actually larger than my butterflies, but they definitely keep him in line.

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