Group one for Mora!

July 15th, 2008 by Anna

Mora is the black, tan, and white puppy in the middle of the toilet paper from this post: Lucky Kitten

She’s grown up quite a bit since those pictures were taken.   We have been going to handling classes.  Mora is always happy and excited.   She’s fun to show but she makes me work as she can get too happy.  She is always interested in what’s going on around her and I have to work to keep her focused.   I took her to Bucks County Kennel Club’s match show this past Saturday.  It was terribly hot, all the dogs were panting though everyone worked diligently to keep their dogs cool.  Mora was hot but she was happy as she always is.  A match show is a practice show.  People take their dogs to them to prepare them for the real thing.  Well, Mora won the breed and went on to a group 1.  She showed nicely for best but was beaten by a very nice Aussie.  Here’s pictures of Mora from the match.  This is her second group 1 at a match.  Let’s hope she does as well at the point shows!

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  1. Otter

    Group 1 wooohooo let’s hope that rolls over into the real show ring. She’s adorable. At first glance I thought oh she looks like a young Bonnie.

  2. Anna

    Yeah, she’s pretty cute. She can move too! Thanks. I am sure she’ll do well at the point shows. She makes me work though!


  3. Susan

    Anna, she’s so beautiful. What a sweet face & look at all that fabulous ear fringe. Good luck in the point shows.

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