Flyer and Adidas

June 26th, 2008 by Anna

Fly and Di were from Nike’s last litter.  Flyer is the puppy from my animation.  I have so many warm memories of these two since they were born.  Flyer was an engaging and entertaining puppy.  Adidas was a girl through and through.  She made sure her brother knew his boundaries but they were always best friends.  They now live happily ever after with Susan and Gary near Philadelphia.  I couldn’t have a better home for my butterfly babies! 

Flyer and Adidas with dad, Gary

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  1. Otter

    Anna, did I ever see these 2 as puppies?? The hound tri reminds me of Molly and the tri of JR. Great photograph.

  2. Anna

    I am sure you saw Flyer and Adidas as puppies. I think Flyer is a tri version of his mom and Adidas looks like Adidas. Adidas could pass as a Huggie daughter but it’s a bit of a stretch. Whatever, they are both beautiful! I know you think so too since you think they look like Molly and JR.


  3. Susan

    Anna, post the pix of Di & Fly at 11wks in their cuddle cup. That would help Otter know if s/he saw them as puppies. The pix of Fly in the dishwasher was a hoot, too.

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