Papillon and Butterfly Animation

June 18th, 2008 by Anna

I did this animation a couple of years ago. I like the concept. Too bad I can’t draw!  Hmmm, the papillon’s eyes are rolling all over the place and he’s so excited, his tail is about to fall off.  Maybe this will motivate me and I’ll keep the concept but fix all the details. 

Black and white papillon watching a caterpillar

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5 Responses

  1. Otter

    How cute, wish I had your talent.

  2. Sliloh

    I think it’s adorable 😉


  3. admin

    Hi, Anita. Thank you, I am limited only by my lack of artistic ability. But I try anyway.


  4. Tammie

    I love your animations. They are so cute!

  5. Susan

    OMG, the movie with Lucky and the dogs was a riot. I was actually laughing out loud. Your house must be a 3-ring circus.

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