Lucky Kitten

June 9th, 2008 by Anna

We named him Lucky because he was found in a wishing well in some one’s yard. We figure his mama was moving kittens and dropped this one. Or and this is likely too, Lucky wasn’t listening to his mama and went wandering and fell in the well and couldn’t get out. Lucky is a contrary cat!

My husband brought home a skinny little kitten meowing his hunger loudly. Lucky has moved in and he is here to stay.

Lucky not only plays with our puppies he invents games and the puppies gladly join in much to my dismay.

 Now our guest bathroom no longer has toilet paper. We try to remember to replenish when we have guests and there is always facial tissue in an emergency. The other bathrooms stay firmly shut.

As you can see from his pictures, Lucky is polydactyl.

He has extra toes which make his feet appear HUGE. He even has rear dewclaws which is rare in cats.

His most endearing feature is his sweet loving calm personality. Lucky is still a kitten, we think he’s probably 9 mos. about the same age as his very best friend, Mora, the Papillon. He is now twice the size of Mora but they still play just like they have since they were tiny.
Watch Lucky play with his friends.

Lucky may be lucky but we are luckiest of all to have him.


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  1. Sliloh

    I know a wrote a comment already for this! I don’t know where it went but my internet was so terribly slow yesterday that maybe it was still trying to send it when I closed it all down in disgust.

    I totally adore both sets of photos but those toilet paper ones had me laughing. What an adorable kitty and love how they all get along 😉

  2. quirkyartist

    What a cut and lucky little cat. I also have a ‘lucky’ one that was found in a a park with 4 kittens, though she wasn’t a year old herself. I love the photo where they’re all on the bed together. At my house they compete, and it’s definitely only one at a time.

  3. quirkyartist

    I meant CUTE not cut.

  4. admin

    We had a few of those toilet paper episodes before I finally learned to remove all tp from that bathroom. The first time was so very cute. But the second and third time did get exasperating!


  5. admin

    One of the reasons we didn’t have a cat for so many years is I was concerned that the paps wouldn’t get along with a cat or make it’s life miserable. But Lucky walked in and just joined the group. What a relief!

    I bet your Lucky is adorable!


  6. Asia Papillons » Blog Archive

    […] Mora is the black, tan, and white puppy in the middle of the toilet paper from this post: Lucky Kitten […]

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